July 28,29, 2022 Pre Conference July 27th.

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Wednesday July 27, Instructor Pre-Conference
Instructor Update: 8 am - 5 pm  

Instructor Biography: Austin Mandeville MHS, NRP 

As a paramedic by trade I began my career in the early 2000’s as an EMT. Quickly developing a passion for medicine, I immediately entered paramedic school in Florida where I graduated valedictorian. I had the pleasure of practicing EMS in Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina and have served in almost every position in EMS including Operations Director, Training Officer, Field Supervisor, Business Development and Reimbursement, EMT, and Paramedic. I have also served as an Education Director, Paramedic and EMT Program Director, and Executive Director of Educational Institutions. I always took opportunities to teach and held adjunct faculty positions during my time in the field as instruction has always been a passion. In the ever-consistent pursuit of excellence in EMS 

and Education I enrolled in Western Carolina University where I received both a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Care and master’s degree in Health Sciences. I am currently working towards my Ph.D. in Health Sciences with a dissertation topic of Turnover Intention among EMS Professionals. 

I currently hold positions as an Assistant Professor in Emergency Medical Care at Western Carolina University, Executive Director at Lowcountry Regional EMS Council, Committee Chairperson for the South Carolina EMS Association Education and Certification Committee and am a voting member for the South Carolina EMS Advisory Committee and South Carolina EMS Training Committee. My current pursuits are developing modern evidence based educational programs with a special focus in distance, virtual, and asynchronous educational modalities.

OEMTA  Medic Update Pre-Conference Instructor Update:

Creating the Ultimate Path to Learning: an evidence-based approach to develop educational models  that are both successful and meaningful to instructors and students. 

During these sessions we will explore educational best practices and the most recent relevant evidence for how our students learn. We will apply these into practical methods to create meaningful lesson plans and develop engaging educational content to ensure the success of both educators and students alike. 

This full day  Pre Conference workshop consists of short lectures, activities, and open discussions to ensure an engaging and productive day with key takeaways from the most recent and relevant evidence-based education. This material in whole and in part have been taught and accepted for continuing education and educator credit from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (provider credential renewal) and the South Carolina Department of EMS (provider and instructor renewal). 

OEMTA Instructor Update: July 27, 2022

0800-0845 : Introductions and Coffee Talk: This time will focus on introductions and getting to know the group. We all bring unique aspects to EMS education and we each can learn from each other’s experience. 

0845-1030 : Getting to know yourself as an Educator and your students as Learners Who am I? Who are They? 

Discussion and activity developing an educational philosophy and understanding our students. Different students have different needs and here we will explore the differences between “Traditional” students, adult learners, and experienced learners. Insights into our student population can help determine how we deliver educational content and what may work best for their needs. We also discuss educational ownership and who has the ultimate responsibility of education. 

1030-1100 : Turn and Talk Session: Discuss and share who you are as an educator and who are your students as learners. Small group work session to help solidify the principles of understanding ourselves as educators and our students as learners. 

1100-1230 : Understanding Outcomes Based Learning, what is the objective? In this topic we will begin to outline the concepts of backwards/intentional design for education. Understanding ourselves and students we can now explore how to ensure our students take the most important information away from or lessons. 

1230-1300 : Lunch Break 

1300-1400 : Teaching Tools: Interactive activity exploring various methods of instruction from use of traditional tools such as lecture and lab, as well as tools such as group work, projects, games, asynchronous learning, virtual simulations, and many others. 

1400-1445 : Assessments, Formative and Summative: Having outlined the tools of our craft we will begin to apply techniques of assessment to develop adaptive learning plans through formative and summative assessment. 

1445-1500 : Break 

1500-1600 : Putting it all Together: During the last session we will take all our tools and assessments to create a fully evidence-based lesson plan using today’s educational best practice. 

Topics Subject to Change! Our Speakers volunteer their time and are on call like you!

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Thursday July 28,2022
Classes begin 8 am - 5 pm

Key Note Speaker Ken Bouvier !

Topics Subject to Change!

Topics Subject to Change!

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Friday July 29,2022:

Classes begin 8 am - 5 pm

'Subject to Change

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Topics subject to change!

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