July 27,28, 2023 Pre Conference July 26th.

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Wednesday July 26, Instructor Pre-Conference
Instructor Update: 8 am - 5 pm  

Instructor Biography: Mike Grill, MS, NRP 

 Experienced Fire/EMS Educator and public speaker with a focus on providing education and training to the First Responder and Healthcare Community on the use of Resiliency and Mental Wellness skills. Mike has  a MS from Grand Canyon University and has provided  Leadership and Education to numerous  EMS Agencies. Mike served as a Firefighter/Paramedic in many capacities.

OEMTA  Medic Update Pre-Conference Instructor Update:

First Responder Resiliency Education and Training for the EMS Educator 

EMS, police, and firefighters are often the first people to deal with incidents that pose significant threats to health and life. These work-related exposures and stressors result in an increased risk for mental health conditions, in particular, the presence of post-traumatic stress. The incidence of PTSD among first responders is considerably higher than in the general population. And, there is an elevated risk for suicide among first responders. There are, however, protective factors that can be learned and practiced. 

This session introduces protective factors, consistent with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations for suicide prevention, as measures to lesson the likelihood of PTSD and aid in work related stresses. This concise resilience-based curriculum is provided so EMS educators can plug it into their course to develop resilience and social support at the beginning of EMS studies and subsequently reference throughout the length of the course as a tool to provide effective positive-coping skills and also improve learning outcomes.

Topics Subject to Change! Our Speakers volunteer their time and are on call like you!

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Thursday July 27,2023
Classes begin 8 am - 5 pm

Key Note Speaker Stephen Rahm NRP,FcEHS  !!!!!

Topics Subject to Change!

Topics Subject to Change!

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Friday July  28,2023:

Classes begin 8 am - 5 pm

'Subject to Change

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Topics subject to change!

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